Future Look – Matt Anholt

Matt Anholt for the Prince Albert Mintos

For another Prospect Q&A I buzzed Matt Anholt, who will join the Warriors next year courtesy the Prince Albert Mintos.  Matt came to Westside for a weekend in December and soon after committed for 2012-13.

He is described to me as a good two-way centreman, and he’s already familiar with the area having lived here when his dad Peter coached the Kelowna Rockets.

Check out Matt’s digits at eliteprospects.


Zacks: Why the BCHL?

Matt Anholt: “I heard great things about the league, especially from the kids coming out like Bryce Gervais, Cody Michelle, Taylor Fauchoux, Josh Manson – all from the P.A. area.  And the really good exposure you get in the league … it has the most scholarships by far of any league in Canada.”

JZ: You came out for a visit in (Dec. 10th) – What did you like about Westside?

MA: “It’s just a really good city and area.  I used to liv e in Kelowna and I love it.  And the Warriors have a really good family there it seems.”

JZ: Tell me how your past season with the Mintos went.

MA: “Really well.  We came up a little short, we lost in the league final.  We wanted to go all the way to the Telus Cup, but it was a really good year, with a great bunch of guys and we did finish first in the league.

JZ: What do you need to improve most in your game to succeed in the BCHL?

MA: “Definitely my upper body strength and all-around strength to compete with bigger guys.  And I’d say getting used to making plays at a quicker speed.”

JZ: What’s the plan for the summer?

MA: “Just mostly working out and looking for a job right now.  I’m also playing a lot of lacrosse.”

JZ: Coming to Spring Camp?

MA: “I don’t know actually!  If they want me to come, I’ll come.”

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