The Sentence

The BCHL has announced discipline stemming from the melee at the end of Saturday’s justiceWarriors / Vees game.

The Warriors and Vees are both facing numerous suspensions as well as fines, though I’ll only talk about Warriors bans here.

A prelude to the ruling from BCHL Executive Director Trevor Alto reads “It should be noted that this is considered a very severe incident and such behavior is not tolerated in the BCHL.”

You can see the details of each suspension on the league’s website – discipline page.

The West K. suspensions are summarized as follows:

Shawn Hochhausen – 7 games.

Braxton Bilous – 8 games.

Mat Berry – 2 games.

Brennan Clark – 1 game.

As of Wednesday evening I understand this list is not complete.  I’ll let you know when any more bans are announced.

The way I understand the rules all of these suspensions must be served effective immediately except for the one-game bans.  So, Brennan Clark can sit any game between now at the end of the season.

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1 Response to The Sentence

  1. dion hascarl says:

    Vees only get one 5 game and 2 one games seems a little one sided to me

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