Anholt takes the sword

The updates will be more rare over the summer, but there are a few things I’ve got to catch up on.

The first is the announcement of Matt Anholt as Warriors Captain for the upcoming season.

Which is outstanding.

Matt is just shy of his 19th birthday – but he’s more than ready for this.  Just like he was ready to jump into a key role as a rookie last year.  We’re talking about genuine rink-rat here.  Matt’s dad Peter Anholt coached more than 1000 games in the WHL and Europe, and Matt spent his childhood tagging along and loving every minute of it.

He’s a good teammate, good with the media, and good on the ice.  Coach Ferster compares him to Shawn Hochhausen all the time.  Click here to listen to the profile I made about Matt Anholt last season.

Congratulations to Matt and the coaching staff.  I wouldn’t imagine Alternates would be named until the season arrives.

The kid knows what it takes.  Pic by John Hebert.

The kid knows what it takes. Pic by John Hebert.

The Warriors officially announced four player commitments last week – although regular readers of this blog may have already seen the news.  Forwards Kylar Hope and Adam Osczevski along with goalie Tanner Bugrardt all played for the Prince Albert Mintos last year (we’re noticing the pattern here, right?) while Connor Bucsis played his midget in Tisdale.  Other commitments include BCMML star Liam Blackburn (Cariboo Cougars, PG) and Okanagan Rockets grad (and Warriors ‘AP’) Brett Mennear.

Click the hyperlinks for stats on each player.  Click here for Andrew’s story on the Warriors website.

from PA fb

Matt Anholt’s 19th birthday is on May 15th, but there are a few others that have passed in the past week or so.

Happy birthdays to Adam Plant (May 9), Mitch Nardi (May 3), Braxton Bilous (May 2), Ben Tegtmeyer (April 30), Seb Lloyd (April 25).

Ain’t nuthin like a 19th birthday.

Adam Plant has always been ahead of his time.

And Mitch, we’ll miss ya man.  Wish we could have seen more of ya.  Best of luck.

nardi peachland

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