Simmonds to Fort Mac

Because of the alumni fun-and-games last weekend, we held off on announcing this deal until now.

But if you check out the Warriors’ website, you’ll see details of a pretty big move for the team.

20 year-old forward Reid Simmonds is on his way to northern Alberta, after being dealt to the Oil Barons for Taylor Graham.

Having covered this team throughout Simmonds’ tenure here, I can tell you what a valuable player he was for this team.  The Calgary product was a gritty, two-way forward who was a consummate pro on and off the ice.  I can also tell you that Rylan Ferster really liked him, which shows how highly the GM rates the asset coming back.

‘Simmer’ was an awesome young man, who didn’t say too much but was a terrific teammate and competitor.  And while he didn’t score a ton, he did notch some BIG goals (the winner in game 4 in Merritt and the OT marker in game 4 vs. Pen are two good examples).

So I certainly want to wish Reid and his family the very best moving forward.

Tough to forget a goal like this one.  The OT winner on Apr. 2nd. John Hebert, pic.

Tough to forget a goal like this one. The OT winner on Apr. 2nd. John Hebert, pic.

Coming back to West Kelowna is Taylor Graham – a big D-man with lots of upside.  Graham is listed as 6’0″, 180 pounds, and apparently he’s pretty good on his skates.  As of now, the Warriors have a bunch of guys who would excel in the “#2” role (Bilous, Plant, maybe even Tegtmeyer) but no clear “#1” guy.  If Graham can become that guy (and as a big 20 year-old I believe that’s the hope) then it’s a trade that’s tough to pass up.

Check out the stats for Taylor Graham from Elite prospects.

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