Vees and Warriors renew hostilities

The Warriors got frustrated in Penticton on Monday night, but didn’t have a bad effort considering the lineup and time of year.

I actually thought the game was a little sloppier than Sunday’s affair at RLP.  I’m not sure why, but it definitely had a bit more of a pre-season feel.  But things are progressing, and there are some good signs.

Cody Porter had another strong effort in the first half of the game, and some of the other young guys showed well in their debuts.  Kristian Blumenschein is a wonderful young skater, and he’ll be a strong player in this league soon.

And the Warriors also generated some chances despite being shut out.  David Pope cranked the bar late, and I think it was him who hit one right at the beginning as well.  Adam Osczevski had some chances, but couldn’t ever get his ‘A’ shot off.  Connor Bucsis had a breakaway but couldn’t bury.

This one got pretty physical too, and some of the big names (like Seb Lloyd) couldn’t seem to escape it.  There were some great hits thrown by the young players on both teams though, and Devon Hascarl and Anthony Conti engaged in a doozy of a fight.

There will be some deeper cuts coming in the next day or so, and the Warriors now have a week to prepare for a home-and-home against Vernon next weekend.  By then, I would imagine we’ll see close to the real team on the ice.  You’ll also see the systems starting to take shape by then, and some more structure on special teams.

Connor Bucsis tries to beat Olivier Mantha on Monday evening.

Connor Bucsis tries to beat Olivier Mantha on Monday evening.

In case you missed it, Ambrose Firkus has committed to Alaska Fairbanks for next year.  Firkus is an insane talent who is going to have an awesome year here.  Read the full story at the Warriors’ website.

Ambrose was good enough to give me a few minutes after Monday’s game.  Click here to listen to that interview.

I also spoke to Cody Porter.  Catch that interview here.

Ambrose Firkus is going to have Vees in his shadow all year.

Ambrose Firkus is going to have Vees in his shadow all year.

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1 Response to Vees and Warriors renew hostilities

  1. Allan Mayes says:

    Hey there General ! i wish the warriors all the best thoughout the playoffs. sounds alot like the league I watch in Rutland. a partial game breaks out during fights while the 1 and only official still trying to clean his glasses. junior hockey was not meant to be this way. teeth fly & everyone cheers

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