An overtime opus

Man do I love the BCHL’s overtime format.

The Warriors teamed up with Nanaimo to put on one heck of a show on Sunday.

West Kelowna played very well, and threw all kinds of quality stuff at Jayson Argue and the Clippers.   But after a couple of shock goals from Nanaimo in the third, the Warriors pulled off another epic comeback to salvage a single point.

From the Ashes

From the Ashes

Playing their third game in three days, the Clippers were holding on for most of the afternoon.  Nanaimo blocked shots well.  They fought for position in front of their goalie and hung on to prevent scrambles and shots on rebounds.  And they got simply outstanding goaltending from Jayson Argue.  He’s been good every time the Warriors have faced him, but gave a performance that will have the crew at Bentley licking their chops.

Argue robbed Dallman and Lloyd repeatedly.  He hung on when Liam Blackburn had all day late in the game, and denied Ben Tegtmeyer’s OT breakaway.  Odd-man rushes?  No problem.  There weren’t many guys wearing green who didn’t get a decent scoring chance, yet the puck just wouldn’t go.

And as happens sometimes in those games, the Clippers unearthed a lead when Devin Brosseau turned a broken play into a breakaway, beating Andy Desautels 12 minutes into the third period.  The Warriors got a chance on the powerplay, but Nanaimo stood tall.  Then a nice passing play turned into a second tally from Eric Margo, and Nanaimo was up 2-0 with just four minutes remaining.

Sometimes a goalie steals a game.  It happens.  Nicely done Nanaimo.  Nice road trip.

Hold on a second…

The Warriors got theatric again.

David Pope played hero once again, when he one-timed a Seb Lloyd feed past Argue.  1:04 remaining, and the Warriors were on the board and within a goal.

Things continued to look bleak, as the Clippers won the faceoff and killed off a third of the final minute.  But the Warriors worked it down low again, and Jordan Masters somehow made a wraparound go.  With 7.4 seconds remaining.

We all took some nitroglycerine, and got set for a wild overtime ride.

The best chance of the first OT was the Tegtmeyer breakaway.  Cotton got stoned by Argue as well.  But things really got juicy in the 3-on-3 session.

There were a few good chances, including a spinner from Blackburn that ran into more Argue acrobatics. Then the Clippers had two or three glorious chances to end it in the final half minute.  I think Adam Plant blocked one on the line.  Desautels used his pad, or a stick, or his ear, to somehow keep it out.  Even with Colten Dahlen on top of him.

The game ended 2-2.  Disappointment?  Exactly the opposite.

A good game throughout, and it steadily escalated one of the craziest finishes you’ll see.  The only losers were the ones who stayed home to watch football.

Stay tuned for the highlights and interviews.  And check out the WK facebook page for more pics.

I’m grateful we have a week to recover before Coquitlam.

Pics by John Hebert

Pics by John Hebert

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